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One Forest was formed with the mission to help people reconnect to themselves and to nature. We believe that all things are connected and in that way our health as individuals and as humanity is directly linked to the health of our natural landscapes. We are nature and what we do to it we do to ourselves. Through films, videos, art and events we hope to connect people to direct ways to help build and support a healthier planet.


ONE AMAZON is an environmental impact campaign centered around a feature length documentary and a series of short films about deforestation, the violation of indigenous rights, media literacy and the practical solutions we must implement in order to preserve and regenerate the Amazon rainforest. ​Our goal is to influence governments, corporations and consumers to make choices that not only preserve and protect the Amazon and its peoples, but encourages its resilience and regeneration.


A Feature Documentary

The film is a deep dive into the issues of politics, economics, science, and consciousness that contribute to the complex situation of deforestation in the Amazon basin. Through intimate, character focused storytelling, the film continuously pulls at the heart strings of audiences and leaves people with practical solutions and a vision of hope, health and regeneration that is desperately needed in the consciousness of our global community.


Impact Campaign

To create real change and lasting impact is the end goal. To protect the Amazon and its peoples for generations to come is the ultimate goal. The One Amazon Campaign is more than a feature film and a few shorts. It's more than just a film campaign. It’s a movement. Our team has adopted a wholistic approach from the onset because we see the imperative value of tackling this issue from multiple angles to create real change in the Amazon and around the world.


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A set of resources to take action and join the movement in protecting the Amazon and indigenous peoples

We need your help to complete this film and execute the impact plan. Please support the movement.

* All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor Center for Independent Documentary


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